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A27 - EP

1. Prof. s_Bastian!
2. Cyfrowe zombie
3. W moim mózgu
4. Orrr-x
5. 01100121
6. Z

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A27 is young man from nowhere, with blurred face and puddle head. Member of Analogsite Crew (, lives in symbiosis with ŻYWA ( Except music he also works on graphics and photography. Incredibly fascinated with birds and snowflakes. Among music inspirations he mentions Sebastian Buczek, Bartek Kujawski, Maciek Szymczuk, Hailo, Meres & HD, Atom Heart and Aphex Twin.

A27 samples all of his environment. This is why you can find in these tracks some sounds of fridge and belly recorded by his friend, sounds from old electronic games, samples from porn movies and Squarepusher's records.

"EP" tracks are electronic collages kept in climate of autumn evening, cosmically jazzing and sometimes even danceable; rooted in heavily looped sound cyberspace "pictures-stories".

Review from Lost At Sea Magazine:

There are moments when A27 sounds relentlessly like the suspect art-DJs one can find spinning at any weekend gallery opening between Barcelona and Berlin--spaced beats joining hips for almost danceable tunes--but the Polish artist distinguishes himself from the chaff of the discotheque with the use of sparsely placed but properly forethought organic samples. This five-track EP (the closing "Z," technically cut six, is a few seconds of static-laden Polish radio sample) opens with "Prof. s_Bastian!" and its digitized vinyl hiss, an undulating vibration that nods to the evening rustle of cicadas now on the wane as summer is overcome by autumn. Haltingly at first, the track rifles through some vaguely industrial (as in commerce, not genre) clicks and clanks before what would otherwise be an overwhelmingly cold and isolating murk of low drones and shattered beats is warmed up a smidge by the light teasing of a trumpet sample.

The EP's third cut, "W moim mózgu," begins inside a diving bell a couple of leagues under the sea before gathering a head of steam and winding up sounding like a fanciful blenderization of samples culled from arty, high-end pornography soundtracks, maybe a loop from the Bonus Features menu on Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience. The following cut, "Orrr-x," the most optimistic and danceable number, wavers between the plinky jazz-cum-electronic keyboard/guitar compositions that the DMS duo once constructed, and the ominous minimalism of conspiracy theory soundtracks, but with the giddy-up of a jungle beat aprčs a handful of Quaaludes.

If you jammed Labradford's languid Fixed:Content into the sharp edges of that Palac Ghosts album from last fall, you'd land in the vicinity of A27. Fans of the regular offerings of the Kranky, Minus, or Kompakt labels will find this EP tasty but too short to find a home anywhere but an iTunes playlist, perhaps alongside Sutekh and Trentemuller. Those not deeply entrenched in the laptop or minimalist techno scenes might find this morsel a good place to start nibbling, and anyone familiar with the influences of more traditional names like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and their ilk will find A27 easy to swallow, especially considering Recycling Records is offering it as a free download.

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